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microbial species-level identification using DNA sequence data

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This is us

In the field of computational microbial identification, we provide integrated solutions for biotechnological, clinical, and environmental microbiology, based on an unique combination of expertise in microbial systematics, bioinformatics, and corresponding industry-specific requirements.

The scope of our daily activities is based on three pillars:

  •  Up-to-date taxonomic Reference Data Sets (marker genes and genomes)
  •  Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) systems for molecular microbial identification
  •  Quality Management with a GxP focus to accommodate industrial needs

See below and/or the web page menu to learn more about us and the solutions we provide to improve your microbial identification based on DNA sequencing.


Conventional rRNA Gene Analysis

dblast - our industry-grade, GxP-compliant commercial Software as a Service (SaaS) system for rRNA gene-based species identification of nearly 15k Bacteria and Fungi.

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NextGen Genome Analysis

JSpeciesWS - our free public online service for genome-based species identification, offering extensive functionality and more than 50k reference genomes for taxonomic purposes in research.

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Networking Activities

We are constantly partnering up with selected scientific infrastructures in order to maintain our expertise with regard to the latest standards of microbial systematics.

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You are interested in solutions not explicitly listed in our portfolio? Feel free to contact us for additional consulting and support.

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