Experts in Bioinformatics
for Microbial Identification

Welcome to Ribocon - your partner in DNA sequence analysis for Species Identification and Community Profiling in Microbiology.

We provide services and solutions for Industry and Academia
in environmental, clinical, and biotechnological microbiology,
based on a unique combination of expertise in microbial systematics
and state-of-the art bioinformatics skills.

Scope of Activities:

  • High-quality taxonomic reference databases (marker genes and genomes)
  • Software solutions for sequence identification (web-based and stand-alone)
  • Data analysis services, custom-tailored support, training
  • Quality management (ISO 9001, GMP, GAMP)

Upcoming Events

9/10 Oct 2017: Meet us at ELIXIR Innovation and SME Forum in Brussels

Nov 2017: From Primer to Paper: Training in Biodiversity Analysis using NGS Amplicon Data (5-day workshop in Bremen)


Microbial Identification

dblast - our commercial Software as a Service (SaaS) system for rRNA gene-based identification of more than 12k Bacteria and Fungi species (GMP-approved).

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JSpeciesWS - a free online service for genome-based species identification, offering extensive functionality and more than 40k reference genomes for research purposes.

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The SILVA rRNA Gene Databases

We are partner of the SILVA project, the world's leading public database for rRNA gene sequences. Ribocon is actively involved in the maintenance and advancement of SILVA, and provides extended professional support and licenses for commercial users.

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Networking Activities

We are constantly partnering up with selected scientific projects on national and international level to assure our high level of expertise and to make available the latest standards of microbial systematics for industry-grade applications.
Concurrently, we support these projects by adding our expertise on industrial-scale project and data management.

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You are interested in solutions not explicitly listed in our portfolio? Feel free to contact us for additional consulting and support.

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